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Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.10.16 at 00:05
We'll be attending the Anime North Halloween dance on Friday night at the JCC this year, our group theme is neko dance gear. Make it goth/punk/raver/loli, but make it cute with a tail and ears! ^^
Afterwards we are heading downtown to Nocturne to check out the TSS halloween event.

Saturday night we'll be doing X-men at Junction in Peterborough for anyone who wants to meet up north for a good time. Eventually these outfits may be upgraded for hallcosplay so look for them in the future. ^^



Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.08.30 at 23:04
Our Group took a ride on the York Durham Heritage Railway this summer in steampunk gear. It was an awesome time and everyone really appreciated our costumes. The volunteer staff were super nice and there were plenty of chances to take pics with the train cars afterwards too!



Ballgown Pics

Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.07.15 at 22:12
Chibi_Bara entered her original 1880's Victorian Ballgown design in the Polaris Masquerade this year. She was at the journeyman level and won a mention for workmanship. We had a lot of fun at this con wandering in our steampunk gear during the day too, it's always one of our favs.



AN Pics

Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.06.14 at 20:36
Chibi_Bara and MikeCarnage had a mini photo session with Amanda/Elemental at her photobooth at AnimeNorth Convention this year. Cosplaying Gilbert Nightray and Alice from Pandora Hearts. Awesome work guys!! ^^



Con G Elfen Lied Cosplay

Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.02.26 at 20:15
Yes we were at Con G, no we didn't stay long. Just enough to sit at the bar with Stillvisions and for Chibi_Bara and Nova_Raven to get some pics of their Elfen Lied cosplays.
The weather was as usual not good that weekend and we had to get on the road or risk getting stuck in the snow again. ><



Kariya Park

Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.06.18 at 19:50
Spring Photos at Kariya Park! ^^
Chibi_Bara and Nova_Raven took some original goth lolita gear and a cool tai chi sword to the park for the cosplay photoshoot gathering on the weekend! Lots of cool places to pose and close to the mall for food and hanging out after wards.

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We're All Mad Here

Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.03.14 at 23:03

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Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.02.13 at 22:49

Trying to beat the Winter blahs by wearing bright poofy things and baking cupcakes! Come on out and we'll take pics, have tea and cake, and watch anime ^^

When: Saturday March 4th, 1-4pm
Where:My place
Bring: Yourself, Any sort of lolita or steampunk gear, and something loaded with sugar to share
(We can give you a ride back to the Gotrain in the evening, but we can't do pick ups in the morning.)


Spring 2011 anime

Posted by fpelayo on 2011.01.13 at 04:38
If any of you are downloading digisubs, here's what to look forward to in about 2-3 months in Japan:




Posted by novaraven1 on 2011.01.11 at 22:01
As it stands now here's our basic con list for the year. All the usual easy to get to ones that I know we'll be at for sure:

Con G in Guelph- Feb 19-20th
 Kyou Kara Maoh, Elfen Lied

 Adastra- April 8,9,10
relaxing con, bring lolita/kimono/pairs costumes, no large group cosplay

Anime North- May 27-28-29
Kuroshitsuji Fri, Pandora Hearts Sat, and Steampunk Sun.


Cosplay Picnic-
Lolita style cosplays

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Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.12.25 at 16:08
Anyone interested in coming to my place New Years Weekend:
There will be a lolita photoshoot with a holiday theme, a make-up and posing tutorial, and a kanzashi workshop with supplies laying about.
There will also be cake.
Give me a call if you can make it. New Years Eve itself is reserved for watching anime and generally geeking out about this years cosplay plans.



Maylene from Kuroshitsuji

Posted by mist_alchemist on 2010.11.29 at 21:54
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Gonna Snipe YOUMake me mad....I DARE YOU!!!Lost in Dreams about Sebnastian.....&quot;Sorry I am Sebastian&apos;s...&quot;  :DMaylene Looking out the WindowSharp Shooter



Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.11.20 at 21:16
This year we have several group cosplays to work on. Some are left overs from last year that still need to be finished off and others will be completely new projects. I'll list them in order of what I'm working on for myself, and others can comment on what/if  they'd like to join in them too.

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My Cosplay This Year

Posted by etherbloom on 2010.11.16 at 23:05
So this year I really didn't get alot done for myself. I was kind of the back up sewer for everyone else. A lot of the costumes I made this year had to be put on people they actually weren't made for too so it cut back on my own costumes but here is what I did get done. 
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Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.11.11 at 00:04
Ok Guys, we've all been super lazy here!
Time for a roll call and make a new post with pics of your costumes from this year!

I'm going to start us off with what I wore this year cosplay wise.

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PHOTOSHOOT RESULTS: Kuroshitsuji (con't)

Posted by fpelayo on 2010.11.10 at 23:30
(reposted b/c novaraven1's original post didn't have correct image links)

Series: Kuroshitsuji
- Lau by Ferdinand
- Ran Mau by Autumnstar

Really well done for their first photoshoot together! ^^



Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.11.10 at 19:49

Series: Kuroshitsuji
Ciel Phantomhive by Chibi Bara
Sebastian Michaelis by Nova Raven
Madame Red by Red Wish


Adastra Con report

Posted by etherbloom on 2010.01.15 at 16:37
Current Location: Canada, London

In Early April Garuto, Nova and I headed over to Adastra in Don Mills Toronto. Garuto and Nova had been doing this con for many years but this was the first time I had decided to attend. What caught my eye was that it was a very small and laid back con, which is something I never get to experience.

On Friday Morning we arrived pretty early because Garuto helped with the setting up. In fact he Helped all weekend the most we saw him was at the end of the convention when we all went for dinner.  After setting up our room and getting everything out of our suitcases I began trying to De-cat my kimono and then hung it up. We also decided to hit the hot tub for some relaxation, Then a late lunch from Tim Horton’s down the street. We watched some TV while eating then decided it was time to go find out about the art show and our volunteer badges. The show was a little slow on the set up lacking the hooks they needed for the artists to hang their paintings and what not. We did manage to get our badges not long after though and while waiting for our badges I learned I won a 100 dollar card from my roll up the rim cup! Yay.

We returned to our hotel room to change into costume and begin our shift of room counting for the night. My bindings bugged me a bit because I forgot the binding shirt to hold it all into place. Eventually I did get it right though and I wasn’t in as much pain. A really nice lady in the dealers room took a few pictures of us and mailed them to me since I had forgotten my camera.

Saturday we were working pretty much the whole day except the lunch hour. So in between getting our steam punk costumes on we would have to take momentary trips to count our rooms. Eventually around 11 we were fully into costume and could enjoy our lunch hour. After returning from lunch we went back to counting our rooms. One room I was counting was a reading done with Kelley Armstrong. When I walked into count the room and she looked up and asked “can I help you?” I laughed a bit and responded with “Is there any Jeremy in this story?” she gave me a bit of a mock sour look and said “no” I quickly shuffled off to count my other rooms. When I returned for my final count she thought she had hurt my feelings and thought I would be interested in knowing that her character Jeremy would be interested in painting me in my costume. I laughed a bit with her and went off to meet Nova again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to write our masq skit. We did attend the steam punk parlour but I was very disappointed with their show. It was my impression that it was set up for costumers to mingle....instead we got a preview of everyone in their groups costume’s and then there was a photo shoot for them. We left early to say the least. We did wait in the green room for the masq to start but we decided to instead skip on entering the masq and get something to eat and relax a bit. I showered and Garuto and Nova ordered swiss chalet. We also ran into another group member who spent a few hours with us.  After a few hours of hanging around the con suit we joined Garuto in a small room party and tried to check out the dance but decided against it.

Sunday was mostly us checking our rooms and trying to get out of ours. Nova and I spent most of the day on my laptop looking up robotic dinosaurs in the room next to the one Garuto was trying to clean up. Once all the equipment was packed we headed to the Mandarin where everyone had a really filling dinner and Nova and I were taken back to Garuto’s house to wait for him to help hauling all the equipment back to where it needed to go.

All together the weekend was really enjoyable. I’ll probably be attending Adastra again!


Christmas Cosplay

Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.05.16 at 00:55
Some of our group members were able to attend the MTAC mini cosplay convention this year in Toronto. Our theme was the Christmas version outfits from Kuroshitsuji. And yes, there was cake. ^^

Enjoy the pics!

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Graveyard Photoshoot

Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.05.08 at 00:12

Date: Monday February 22, 2010
9 am
Location: London Ontario

Basic Info:

This will be a mini photoshoot involving three to five characters. Kuroshitsuji will be the theme. Dress warm and prepare to freeze anyways. ^^;


Upcoming Yearly Meeting

Posted by novaraven1 on 2010.05.08 at 00:05

Date: Sunday February 21, 2010
Time: 6:00-8:00
Location:  Four Points Sheraton, London, Ontario

What to bring:
Yourself, your bathingsuit and overnight gear, money for pizza, anything pertaining to the meeting you would like to address. Costumes of any sort are encouraged.

Meeting Agenda:
- Discuss casting for this years group cosplays
-Cosplay show and tell, bring stuff you're working on
- Go over dates of conventions and photoshoots planned for the summer
- If time allows, individual costume breakdowns and general construction and supply sources for each project will also be addressed 

We will have Stillvisions as our guest photographer, be extra nice to him cause he's awesome.

*** At the conclusion of the meeting we will go swimming/watch anime /generally hang out. There will be cake. ^^